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Trophy Winners

Gospel Singers of America 2018 Session

London Thompson is the 8 year old daughter of Ley and Sonya Thompson. She attends Fellowship Baptist Church in Ponchatoula, LA. London enjoys singing specials with other children in her church and playing the piano for the offertory in the mid-week service. She enjoys taking weekly piano lessons and learning more about music. London said, “I LOVE Wednesday nights on the beach, and my teacher, Mrs. Jennifer, was really sweet”. 

London Thompson

Melissa Ladner is 23 years old, and is from Pass Christian, MS. She attends Wolf Creek Community Church in Kiln, MS. She enjoys helping in her church whatever way possible, and is hoping to take what she learned from Gospel Singers of America and start in the music ministry at her church. This was Melissa’s first year at Gospel Singers of America and she said her favorite part about the school was, “my teacher, Mrs. Bonita, the people, and the group singing. It was all amazing!”


Melissa Ladner

Primary I

Petrina Pacheco is from Pass Christina, MS, and attends Wolf Creek Community Church where her husband serves as the Pastor. Mrs. Petrina serves in her church as the church pianist and music director. She has been serving in her church for over five years and plans on continuing for as long as the Lord would allow. This was Mrs. Petrina’s first year at Gospel Singers of America, and she said, “I love everything about Gospel Singers of America. I really enjoyed the people, but even more so, how much I learned in the short three weeks I was there”. Petrina plans on taking everything she learned at Gospel Singers of America and bringing it back to her home church to help the music ministry there. 

Petrina Pacheco
Ciara Tomlinson

Ciara Tomlinson is 10 years old, and will be going into the 5th grade this fall. She attends New Prospect Baptist Church in Dry Prong, La. She loves to use her talents in any skits, programs, or specials at the church. She has been going to Gospel Singers of America for 3 years! Ciara says, “What GSA means to me is learning lots of stuff in a fun way with new and old friends! I look forward to it every year!!”


Primary II

Kaylea Yates is from Ellisville, MS. She goes to Lone Star Baptist Church where she is actively involved in the music ministry. From singing in the choir, to playing multiple instruments in the church ensembles, Kaylea loves being involved and serving the Lord through music. Her dream is to finish school and go back to her middle school and start a music program. Kaylea’s favorite part about Gospel Singers of America is the fellowship and the learning environment. Kaylea feels that she can “be herself” while at Gospel Singers of America because of the Christian atmosphere. She loves being part of her high school band, and is always seeking new avenues to learning a new instrument. 

Kaylea Yates


Maggie Bush

Maggie Bush is the 13 year old daughter of Allen and Donna Bush. She is going into the 8th grade and lives in Ellisville, MS. She attends Lone Star Baptist Church in Ellisville. Maggie is a member in the youth choir, adult choir, as well as participates in various quartets and trios. She plays the Euphonium and the piano. She has attended the Gospel Singers of America for three years. Maggie stated, “GSA has been such a wonderful experience in my life. The theory, ear training, and musical training as a whole has helped me in my singing at church, as well as my performances in the high school band. Also, the Godly friendships I have made will last a lifetime. GSA is a camp where I have the ability to not only learn more about music, but also, worship and learn more about God’s Word. It has been such a blessing to my life!” 

Advanced I

Noah Webb is the 14 years old son of Pastor and Mrs. Steven Webb. Noah will be going into 9th grade this fall at Pearl High School. He attends Plain Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Richland, Mississippi. Noah plays guitar and leads singing at his church. He has attended Gospel Singers of Americaa for 7 years. Gospel Singers of America has given Noah the confidence to lead and direct the congregational song service, and the opportunity to worship the Lord with music. 

Noah Webb

Advanced II

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