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Trophy Winners

Gospel Singers of America 2019 Session


Elaina Thornburg is 7 years old and attends Wilmer Baptist Church in Wilmer, Alabama. Even though this was Elaina’s first year to attend Gospel Singers of America, Elaina is a fourth generation student. Elaina is the granddaughter of Mrs. Patti Driskell Thornburg who is our Pre-Primary Theory Teacher. Elaina excelled in rhythm values and counting, and cannot wait to apply what she learned at GSofA in her church and school music classes. 


Mabrey Alisse’ Johnson is 8 years old and is from Livingston, Louisiana. Mabrey attends Fellowship Baptist Church in Ponchatoula, LA where her father is the pastor. Mabrey has attended Gospel Singers of America for 5 years.While attending GSofA, Mabrey has been able to learn how to play the piano, accordion, guitar, ukulele, and recorder. Mabrey assist the organist at church, plays offertory specials, sings harmony and lead in multiple groups at her church, and she is also involved in the church youth choir and seasonal musical plays. Mabrey was ecstatic to receive the Primary I trophy, and she could not wait to share the news with her family and friends! 



Canton Till is 10 years old and is from Sumrall, Mississippi.  Canton attends Rock Hill Baptist Church in Sumrall, Mississippi were he is actively involved with his youth group. Canton plays the piano and guitar in church for congregational singing and specials. Canton has attended Gospel Singers of America for two years, and he is excited to take back what he learned this summer and apply it in the music ministry at his home church.


Primary I

Morelia Gomez is 13 years old and is currently serving with her family as a missionary in Michoacan, Mexico planting churches. Morelia is involved teaching Children’s Sunday School Classes, helps lead the children’s Choir at her church, and in congregational singing. Morelia has attended Gospel Singers of America for three years. Thankfully, the Lord has provided the funds for Morelia and Denise to fly to the states to attend GSofA. Morelia loves being able to take what she has learned at GSofA back with her to the mission field and pass it on to her students in Mexico. 


Primary II

Gracie Yates is 15 years old and is from Collins, Mississippi. She is a faithful member at Lone Star Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, where she sings soprano in both the church and youth choir. She enjoys singing specials at church as well as playing Trumpet in the Marching, Jazz, and Concert Bands at South Jones High School. Gracie has attended Gospel Singers of America for 3 years and loves the singing school. She loves sight-reading new songs, meeting new people, and bettering her musical talents for the Lord. GSofA has helped her become a better musician in both her church and school band. Gracie plans on auditioning for drum major at her school next year. Gracie plans to study Music Education with a concentration in Band. Gracie is excited to come back to GSofA for years to come and further her knowledge in music theory with her friends at GSofA. Hopefully, one day, Gracie will be able to teach at Gospel Singers of America! 



Kaylea Yates is 17 years old and is from Collins, Mississippi. She is a faithful member at Lone Star Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, where she enjoys singing in both the church choir and youth choir. She also enjoys singing specials and playing instrumental specials in her church. She also enjoys playing Flute in the Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band at South Jones High School. Kaylea has attended Gospel Singers of America for 3 years and loves the school very much. With the help of GSofA, Kaylea realized that God is leading her to get a Bachelors in Music Education so that she can be a light for Christ as a band director. If it is the Lord’s will, Kaylea plans on teaching music at church and summer singing schools so that she can help other people the way GSofA has helped her in bettering their talents for the Lord. Kaylea looks forward to attending GSofA for years to come, and hopefully joining the faculty one day in the future!

Advanced I

Bonner Patrick Welch, from Moselle, Mississippi, is a nineteen year old college freshman who is pursuing a degree in Music Education at Jones College in Ellisville, Mississippi. He currently attends Sanford Missionary Baptist Church in Seminary, Mississippi. At his church, he sings in the youth choir, sings in a youth quartet, sings specials, directs songs, and plays the bass guitar. He has attended Gospel Singers of America for four years and plans to attend as a volunteer/teacher in the future. Gospel Singers of America has meant the world to him. It helped him decide what degree to pursue, allowed him to learn new musical concepts, but most importantly, it has helped him grow closer to God through music.


Advanced II

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