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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Attend?

We accept students at varying ages depending upon ability. Our general criteria is that a student is confident with their shapes, letters, and numbers before attending. Students, ages 8 years and older can attend without parent supervision. Students under the ages of 8 years will need to be accompanied by an adult during their time on campus. For questions about who can attend, please email us at or call 225.281.3724

How Do I Secure My Spot at GSofA?

By completing the registration form on he resigrtation page and by paying a deposit of $50, your spot will be secured.

What is Free time?

Free time is for students to rest and relax. Students are free to enjoy snacks, recreational activties, the beach, and time with friends. Freetime occurs at 4:00 pm after a full day of fun and singing.

Can I Take Private Lessons Only?

Yes! Please visit our registration page for more information on private lessons and how to register.

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