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Trophy Winners

Gospel Singers of America 2020 Session


Jacob Riley is 7-years old from Picayune, Mississippi. Jacob has attended Gospel Singers of America for two years. He currently plays the piano. Jacob attends Liberty Baptist Church in Picayune, Mississippi. 


Ben Riley is 9-years old from Picayune, Mississippi. This is Ben’s second year as a student at Gospel Singers of America. Ben currently plays the piano and is starting to learn the violin. He attends Liberty Baptist Church in Picayune, Mississippi. 

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Grant Matheny, a 16-year-old from Columbia, Mississippi, is a member at West Black Creek Baptist Church where he sings in the youth choir. Grant also attends Bethel Baptist Church where his Dad is pastor. He enjoys singing and playing instrumentals there with his brothers, and leading the congregational music. He currently has one violin student he enjoys teaching and hopes to teach more in the future. He attended his first year of Gospel Singers of America this year and is looking forward to attending next year! Grant’s prayer is to always use his talents and knowledge of music for the Lord. 

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Primary I

Kynlee Buras, a 9-year-old from Livingston, Louisiana, attends Oakview Baptist Church. Kynlee is very active in her home church where she plays the piano and violin during the song service and also plays and sings specials. 

Kynlee was accepted in the Livingston Parish Talented Music Program when she was in first grade and recently played the part as Anna in Frozen JR .  Kynlee writes that, “my first year at Gospel Singers of America was a tremendous learning experience and I am looking forward to next year”. 

Primary II

Seth Shell is a 18-year-old senior from Lucedale Mississippi. Seth attends Salem United Methodist Church in Lucedale, Mississippi where he served in many ministries including singing in the choir. Seth has attended Gospel Singers of America for many years and is excited to stay involved with the school. 

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Olivia Broom, a 16-year-old junior from Poplarville, Mississippi. Olivia attends Hickory Creek Baptist Church in Lumberton, Mississippi where she currently serves in the music ministry at playing the piano and singing in the choir. Olivia has been a student at Gospel Singers of America for four years. Olivia is very grateful for the musical training she has received at GSofA and how much she has grown spiritually while attending. Olivia’s prayer is to always be able to serve in her church in the music ministry for as long as the Lord will allow.

Advanced I

Kaylea Yates, a 18-year-old senior from Ellisville, Mississippi. Kaylea is a member of Lone Star Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Ellisville, where she’s been attending with her family for several years. Kaylea has been attending Gospel Singers of America for four years now, and has loved the singing school from the very start! She loves learning new music theory each year, and applying that knowledge when singing in her church choir and playing her instruments at home! Kaylea plans to use the knowledge that she has gained from GSofA in College next year as a Music Ed. major in the works of being a Band Director in her future. Kaylea is looking forward to seeing how she can stay involved with GSofA while being in college. Kaylea writes that, “I loves Gospel Singers of America too much to stay away”. 

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Advanced II

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