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What we teach

Our school is designed to give your students the best possible learning experience. With a packed day of learning and fun, your student will thrive and grow in their musical abilities.

- Tracy Taylor, GSA Principal

Daily Schedule

6:00  - Rise and Shine

7:00  - Breakfast

7:45 - Quiet time / Dorm Cleanup 

8:20  - Devotion

9:00 - Class

10:00 - Class

11:00 - Class

(15 minute break between classes)

11:45 - Lunch

12:30 - Break

1:00 - Song Directing

1:45 - Break

2:00 - Class

3:00 - Music Reading / Recital hour

4:00 - FreeTime

5:00 - Dinner 

6:45 - Sectional Rehearsals

7:45 - Group Singing 

8:30 - FreeTime 

9:15 - Head to Dorms

10:00 - Lights out


Theory Classes



Our beginners class is for ages 5-8. It begins with note values then onward to lines and spaces and accidentals. 



The pre-primary class is for those ages 8-12. In this class, the students begin with lines and spaces and move into major, minor, and chromatic scales. 



Primary is a baseline course for all ages, including adults. It begins with the fundamentals of the staff and moves onward to prepare the student for more intermediate topics. 



Our intermediate class is for all ages who have had some musical training in their past. It begins with scales and moves into triads. Students will also touch on some writing applications at the end of the course. This class will prepare the student for more advance music theory topics. 



Our advanced class is for those who have had extensive musical training and are ready to be challenged. This class will begin with part writing and analysis of complex musical works. Then move into music composition and various part-writing techniques for Gospel Music.


Private Lessons

Musical Instruments


GSA has a heritage of great pianist that have come through the school. One of our founders even taught Bill Gaither! We are certain we can assist your student in becoming a great pianist. 

Piano Keys


GSA has a wonderful staff of voice teachers ready to help you improve your sound. 



GSA has several guitar teachers that have many years of experiencing in not only performing but also teaching guitar. From basic chords, to improvised leads our guitarists are ready to assist your student in mastering the guitar. 


Band Instruments

Our band specialist Daniel Driskel  teaches various band instruments. From Saxophone to Clarinet and flute, Daniel is well equipped to help your student master his band instrument.

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